Next Couple Of Weeks Information

Anyone that wants to go to the Vaugh haunted corn maize meet at the church Friday night at 6:30. The maize closes at 9, so we should be back by 9:30. It is $13 to get in ($8 for general admission plus $5 for the haunted maize) plus anything else you want to bring to spend on snacks, hot chocolate, etc. This is not a scout function, so wear your normal street clothes.

Saturday, October 13th, 8:am meet at the Church to help load items to take to their dinner at the Civic Center.
Set up tables and prepare, can wear Class B’s. 4:30 P.M. meet again at the Civic Center to start to serve dinner. Class A’s. After dinner help move items back to he Church. We need everyone’s help with this!
Saturday October 13th, Adult Specific Leader Training. Contact Mr Weissman for more info.
Monday, October 15th. Court of Honor at the Scout Office. 6 P.M. Bring chairs. Group Photo.
Pizza Party as well. Bring Packs for JOTA Pack Check! Will also need to work on the JOTA
Menu. . . Contact Tyler if you are attending JOTA ! ! ! !
Popcorn sales end on Sunday, 10/21 so if anyone is going to JOTA Mrs. WEISSMAN needs their popcorn forms before they leave for JOTA. WE HAVE TO PLACE THE ORDER ON MONDAY SO MRS. WEISSMAN HAS TO HAVE THE FORMS – OTHERWISE WE LOSE OUT ON A LOT OF PROFIT!!
Also, bring popcorn forms and money to the Court of Honor so I can get popcorn totals and collect money.
Keep selling popcorn! Our troop is doing great.
Thursday, October 18th 6 p.m. – JOTA Shopping at Smiths
Friday – Saturday – Sunday October 19th – 21st. JOTA Backpacking training for an idea of
what to take and CARRY with you during a pack trip to the Hour Lake Hike next year.


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