Popcorn Mystery Houses and Final Push

Our District Popcorn Chair, Devin Hartley, noted last night that none of the five mystery houses have been visited yet.  With school out today and tomorrow, this is a great opportunity for a final sales push.  We are only about $4 thousand from besting last year’s total; will you help us exceed last year?


Mystery house notes from Mr. Hartley:


Some dates to remember:

Sunday 10/21 Sale ends

Tuesday 10/23 All popcorn orders due

List of U.S. state foods

Thursday 11/8 Popcorn delivery


All 5 Mystery Houses are still in play.  We have narrowed down the boundary descriptions in an effort to more accurately direct the scouts to the locations. 

Black Eagle – North side of the river and east of 9th St.  west of 15th St and south of Montana Ave.

South of Sunny Side – bordered by 23rd Ave. S. to 27th Ave. S. and 17th St. S. to 14th St. S.

West Side – north of 4th Ave. SW, west of 6th St SW, south of Central Ave. West and east of 9th St. SW.

North East Great Falls – bordered by 45th St. N. to 42nd St. N. and 7th Ave. N. to 10th Ave. N.

Central Great Falls – bordered by 9th Ave. S. to 5th Ave. S. and 38th St. to 34th St.



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