November 26, 2012 – Weekly Update

Hey troop 26! What are your plans this week?? I know what mine are…: getting my materials for the Klondike Derby!! We will get to that a little later on but here are some things I am noticing/doing at the meetings that should stop:

  • Talking while leader/adult is talking
  • Making mess with food/rope etc
  • Being disrespectful during patrol time

To have succesful and FUN meetings, as a troop we must cut the talking down… A LOT!! I admit that I contribute to the talking as well and I will work on it too. Our new-year’s resolution should be to not talk!:)

As briefly mentioned before, the Klondike Derby is fastly approaching. (look at previous posts for  more info. etc.) For the Klondike, we (each patrol) is required to have:

  • One set of “functional” snowshoes
  • One working Slingshot
  • One “Yeti with injuries”
  • One patrol flag personalized to patrol

These will all be hand-made and using our own materials. As a troop, we will have to be able to tend to the injuries on the yeti as if they were on a person. Patrol leaders: get your materials figured out and have a plan for next Monday’s meeting for building. Also, we have to figure out our patrol menus. Patrol leaders must organize a time and place for this to happen. BE CREATIVE!!

Attention all Popcorn sellers:

If you do not have ALL of your popcorn money in, you will NOT receive your prize. Personally, going through all of the work of selling and delivering and not getting my hard-earned prize would be very disappointing.. Soooooooo get all of your money in pronto!

We also have ample amounts of popcorn left due to people not following up on their orders and left overs. Meaning: if you can sell any more popcorn please do because it earns the troop more money and gets rid of our left over popcorn! If you have an idea on how to sell it, or you have sold more: Call Mrs. Weissman!

Additionally, the Christmas stroll is coming in less than 2 weeks!! If you have not signed up to work do so soon –> at the next meeting or call Mr. Locke. Parents: We need people to help set up and shop for our ingredients. If you are available to do either/both, call Mr. Locke or Mr. Weissman. Tyler and James don’t forget to make the ‘pretty poster’ for selling the popcorn at the stroll.

Look at my previous posts for information on the Annual Christmas Party and be looking for updates throughout the week! Have a great week and don’t forget to LIVE LIKE A SCOUT!



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