December 3, 2012 – Weekly Update

Hola troop 26! How are we this week?? We are getting better at being respectful to leaders/adults, but we still have much room for improvement. A couple things that I am noticing going on during meetings are:

  • Rushing the intro. ceremony (flags)
  • Keeping your hands to yourself (NOT happening) 
  • When a leader tells you to do something… DO IT!!:)
  • Being disrespectful while another scout or leader is speaking
  • Talking in general

Tyler had to do the scout sign 7 times during the meeting. SEVEN times!!! This means at 2-3 minutes for every time he had to put the sign up and wait for our attention, we lost close to 20 minutes that we could have used to work on our snowshoes. We have to improve this number. I will be recording it from now on (if I don’t forget haha) so let’s try to lower it. 

Among the many upcoming events is the Christmas stroll (Dec. 7). Every year, we hold a “food bar” in front of Kauffmans Menswear and sell various items to try to raise money to assist us in paying for camps etc. This year, we are selling:

  • Tacos in a bag
  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot chocolate w/ candy cane

If attending, be in front of Kauffman’s at 4:00 p.m. with your Class-A uniform on. Be prepared  for the worst of weather; we do live in the great state of Montana. 🙂

Also, coming up on Dec. 17 is our 2012 Christmas Party. Look back on my Nov. 5 post for that information. Remember to bring a small (10$) gift for the gift exchange –> wrapped. Also, bring your parents/guardians so you can participate in the auction. Lastly, are there any parents willing to come a little early and stay a little late to assist in the set up/ tear down of this event? If you are willing to donate your much appreciated time, give Mr. Weissman or Mr.  Locke a call.

Last but not least, is the Klondike 2013. Patrol leaders: Remember that you need the following – (1 pair) snowshoes, (1) slingshot, (1) patrol menu with sufficient food to feed your patrol for the weekend, and (1) 6 foot tall Yeti sculpture with injuries. After all of the work we got done today, try your best to get those done as soon as possible. 

Have a terrific week scouts and parents! Don’t forget to LIVE LIKE A SCOUT! Look for more updates this week. 


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