January 7, 2013 – Weekly update

Hello troop 26! All in all, I feel we did very well on the issue of talking/paying attention during tonight’s meeting. We performed our introduction and closing ceremony without a hitch! Great job on your yetis and snow shoes!

Though this new year is full of excitement, I will only focus on the soonest of matters. That is the Klondike!!! This year, the Klondike will be on the weekend of the 18th through the 20th. This means we only have 10 days to prepare for this expedition! Next week, we will have a pack check for the boys coming to the Klondike. A pack check is when you pack all of your items (except clothes –> bring one days worth of clothes so we know you have the right idea) into your pack and bring them to the meeting. They will be thoroughly inspected to make sure that you have everything that essential for the upcoming camp out. It is very nice to be sure that you have everything that you might need for a camp out before hand and not guessing when your up there! On Tuesday the 15th, we are meeting at K & K Trucking to help transfer the goods in our troop trailer to another one. Sadly, we discovered that our old trailer has a bad axle and will not hold up for this camp out. Soo, Mr. Boyd has kindly loaned the troop his trailer and we need to use it! I will have a time next week but I am pretty sure we are meeting around 4-6ish? Lastly, we have our shopping for the Klondike. Before every camp out, we get together (like tonight) and decide what we want to eat as a group. We then take that and go shopping for all of this food to take with us. This is a great time to decide the type of cereal or juice that YOU want to consume over the weekend! You can also win a candy bar so go!! 

Have an awesome week scouts and parents! Don’t forget to LIVE LIKE A SCOUT! Look for more updates this week.


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