Weekly update – January 28, 2013

Hello fellow scouters! How was the Klondike?? I wish I could have been there but I heard fun was had by all! 

During last night’s meeting, we did our “Start, Stop, Continue” chart on the topic of the Klondike. We decided that we need to start being aware of timed events and know when to be there. Also, from now on, the troop tents will come first. This means that when we arrive at our campsite we will set up ALL of our troop stuff before any personal items. Furthermore, after the troop items are set up, the boys residing in a certain tent will be the only boys setting it up. Lastly for our starts, we are going to label coolers: One for food & one for drinks as well as having a more organized way of placing the tents. 

We had many stops as well. Arguing and lolygaging will be no more at camp! Nor will we have snowball fights due to the danger that they propose. On a lighter note, we will stop making bad snowshoes and watch-out for our fellow teammates during a race. 

We did do some things that are great and a definitely worth continuing! A few of those are helping your fellow scouts and looking after one another. 

Overall, from what I heard, I think we did pretty good this year boys! Keep up the good work for next year!

On February 18th, we are travelling to Helena for a Legislative meeting. This fills one or more requirements for one of the “Citizenship” Merit Badges and is fun to do anyways! We will meet at the church at around 5:55 A.M. that morning and depart around 6. The meeting starts at 8:00 A.M. It is up to you on what to do concerning lunch, but if everyone going brought money, I bet we could stop somewhere instead of packing one. If you are attending this, CALL MR. WEISSMAN A.S.A.P.!!!!!!!!!

On March 9th, Showdown will be holding their annual Throw down at Showdown. This is where they set up a fairly large jump and allow people to test their skills on it. Our own Max Weissman is a proud participant in this and is pretty good if you ask me. We will be going up to Showdown as a troop that day so be ready sign up if you want to do this!

On February 4th, Pack 7 will be visiting our troop. This night will also contain Junior Leader Training. Be ready for them and if you want to be a Junior Leader, get in touch with our Scoutmaster!

Lastly, during the month of March, we will be focusing on the Cooking Merit Badge. Every week we will knock off some requirements for it, and become better cookers at the same time! Be ready for this and look forward to our own Iron Chef competition at the end of this! 

Have a great week scouts and parents! Don’t forget to LIVE LIKE A SCOUT! Look for more updates this week.Image


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  1. A few updates and corrections from the Scoutmaster:

    * Junior Leader Training will be February 11 and February 25.

    * If you want to compete in the Throwdown at Showdown, your parent or guardian MUST be with you during the trip to the ski hill. We will arrange for skiing or snowboarding lessons for all participants. More information for this event will be available soon.

    * If you are joining us for the legislature trip, we intend to leave PROMPTLY at 6 a.m. Arrival more than 5 minutes early would be appreciated.

    Troop 26, I am proud of the teamwork that I am beginning to see out of all of you.

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