February 25, 2013 – Weekly Update

Howdy boys! Way to be attentive at the meeting tonight! I personally thought it was pretty awesome to learn about the leadership roles and skills required to uphold those positions. 

To begin, we discussed the “Start, Stop, Continue” on several topics. Our first was the Legislative trip last Monday. Our important and non-sarcastic remarks for them are listed below:


  • Keep Hands to Themselves
  • Having a faster lunch


  • Don’t forget clothing and items
  • Using technology (I am not sure about this one, but more than one boy said it so it must have been an issue) 


  • Subway (or any outside of sack-lunch food choice)
  • Going to the meetings

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the Legislative Meeting, but I will be going in 2015! (hint hint, that is the next Meeting; and Troop 26 will definitely be attending)

Secondly was the Lock-in. 


  • Having more TV’s 
  • Getting more variety in Video games


  • Hogging video games (systems)
  • Hogging rooms


  • Hide-and-seek
  • Movie
  • Swimming 

I had a fantastic time at the Lock-in and I look forward to next year!

Our next event on our calendar is the Throw down @ Showdown. This is where Showdown Ski Resort sets up a considerably large jump (I would guess 15-30 feet), and kids/adults such as our very own Max Weissman fly off the jump, do a trick or two, and (hopefully) land it. We will be there cheering him on and having a good time on the Mountain. If you didn’t sign up with Mr. Weissman at tonight’s meeting, give him a call!

Some other events coming up are:

  • March 18th- Spring court of honor
  • March 16/23- Food Drive
  • March 25th- Order of the Arrow Elections
  • April 6th- Mannequin Jump at Showdown (debating on whether or not we want to enter one??)
  • April 12-14th- Trail to First Class Camp out
  • April 26-27th- Montana Council Annual Meeting 

Next week, we will beginning our Cooking Merit Badge so be prepared!! 

Have a terrific week scouts and parents! Don’t forget to LIVE LIKE A SCOUT! Look for more updates this week.



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