March 18, 2013 – Weekly Update

Hey Boys! Sorry for the late post this week, so we might as well jump right into it!

This Saturday we are meeting at 9:00 A.M. for the Food pick-up. We will meet at Montana Lil’s Casino on 10th. Come prepared to walk and pick up tons of food that people have donated to the Great Falls Food Bank! 

Directly following this Brandon Locke is asking for help on his Hornaday Post Eagle project. This will be located at his house and have clothes that you can work around in!

Thirdly, a little late for this, but Today at 6:30 was Daniel Stones crossover at Trinity Lutheran Church (where our meetings are at). I hope that went off without a hitch! Congratulations Daniel!

Lastly we have our OA elections next week. If interested contact Mr. Weissman, but I am pretty sure we already have it if you are eligible. Be thinking of who you want the representative to be! 

*Mark your calendars for April 12-14 for those are the days for Trail to First Class and OA Tap-out!

Have an fantastic week scouts and parents! Don’t forget to LIVE LIKE A SCOUT! Look for more updates this week.



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