Schedule Changes for April 8, 2013

The best laid plans of mice and men. There are SEVERAL schedule changes for tonight.

1) We will meet tonight at 7 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church for our regularly scheduled Troop Meeting. The weather today just does not accommodate an outdoor meeting to go through the Troop Trailer. The agenda for the meeting will be preparing for the Trail to First Class campout.

2) We will NOT hold a PLC tonight to accommodate schedules. Our April PLC will be held during the campout this weekend.

3) I know that this is last minute, but I would like to have a pack-check for this weekend’s campout during the meeting tonight. The weather for this weekend at Holter Lake should be temperatures in the 50s, and below zero during the night. Rain is likely.

4) There will be time during this meeting for Patrol Meetings. Please remember that we will have an “Iron Chef Dinner” competition between the Trolls and the Panthers during the campout.

5) We will plan menus tonight for Saturday breakfast and lunch, and Sunday breakfast. Saturday dinner will be the Iron Chef competition.

Patrol leaders, please relay all of this information to everyone in your patrol.

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  1. Hi Dan! I wanted to thank you so much for snhairg your Philmont experience. It was so wonderful to read and see. I just wish I would have read this about a week or so ago .my son is currently on Day 2 of his Philmont experience with his crew. I am hoping he has all of the tips and tricks you mentioned in your blog (leatherman, duct tape, something leather to brand, etc.). Time will tell! Your photos are breathtaking! What a wonderful way to chronicle such an amazing journey. Thank you again for investing your time into this project and snhairg it with the rest of us! Sincerely, Vicky Wright

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