Troop 26 Trail to First Class and April Update

Greetings all. I hope I got all of in, my notes are not the best! If I have missed anything, please let me know.

April is looking busy for us.

This weekend is the Trail To First Class held up at Holter Lake.

I hope you all are planning to go! If you have not signed up, you

need to contact Tyler ASAP ! ! ! ! Food Shopping will be Thursday at 5:45 at Smith’s. We will meet at the Church Friday at 6 p.m. to head out ! !

This is the first camp of our year and it will be fun!

We will hold the Troop Iron Chef Cooking Competition!

Which patrol will claim the Prize???? If you think you want to go crazy with a recipe, you NEED to be at food shopping Thursday to help choose any ingredients you may need. . . .

Besides the cooking, Troop 26 will help teach First Aid to the Camp Scouts. This is a very important Task for our Troop. . . .

From the District Web Site:
Trail to First Class Reminder

Just reminding all of you that Trail to First Class is this upcoming weekend. It is very helpful for the advancement of your younger boys. Also, I know the mystery of the results of the OA elections is eating you up inside. So, come along with your regular camping gear, including the ten essentials (yes, we will be checking). Bring five dollars for every patch set you would like, and any patch designs your troop has compiled. Be sure to remember the Dutch Oven Dessert Cook-Off, because that is one of the highlights of the event. And, as always, be ready to have fun. We still need troops to teach classes. If you have a request, you need only reply to this post. Otherwise, we will be assigning duties at the campout, and you may not be ready. So far, we have two of our guys assigned to Flag Ettiquette and Knots. Troop One has Orienteering, and Troop Twenty Six has First Aid. You may show up whenever, but Check In will begin when I arrive with Troop One at about 6:00. I look forward to seeing you all.

Hello Everyone,

We will be having Outdoor Leader Skills, Outdoor WEBELOS Leader Skills and BALOO training this weekend. The training location is at the Log Gulch Camp Ground located at Holter Lake. This is the second camp ground as you drive down the south east road entering the area leading towards the Beartooth WMA. The same location as this weekend’s Boy Scouts Trail to First Class. Scoutmasters and Asst Scoutmasters have an overnight requirement, so you will need to camp out. This can be accomplished either Friday or Saturday night or both whichever is easier for you. All OWLS and BALOO attendees need to show up at 8 am on Saturday. If you want to join us Friday by all means join the fun. Saturday, we will have opening ceremonies at about 0830 am and start our training. The training should be done by 3pm and then we will go into the WEBELOS specific items. Things to consider, you will be required to cook a meal (lunch) after your cooking class. It cannot be a hotdog/hamburger (no cheating) this needs to be with substance. BALOO attendees can build foil packs if you want to. Bob Dowdy is teaching the cooking and you get graded on your meal. I made venison stew with potatoes, carrots and onions when I went through. This is really going to be a good time and we have collected some really great instructors for this. Hope to see you all there. If you have questions just give me a call 406-868-7892


We will also hold a PLC at the camp to

plan the rest of April and May Activities.

The Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders need to have input for this.

The short list is as follows;

April 15, no meeting

April 22 Serving at the Rescue Mission

April 29, Cooking Merit Badge

April 26 & 27. District Meeting – I was asked to help by taking photos at this event the 26th, Jeremy, can you assist me?

May Monthly Plan is Physical Fitness/Sports. We will have some Class B meetings with games and fun! ! !

May 3rd District Dinner

May 11 Camp Rotary Clean Up (Overnight Camp ?)

May 18 Spring Camporee (We need some adults to help with this too)

The Boys need to look through the choices for the 2014 Camp Choices. Go to the troop website. This decision needs to be made this month!

And, the boys who are going to Summer Camp this year at Melita Island need to get signed up by the 22nd. This is a great camp in a great location! We also need adults to help with this camp as well.

We welcome Robert Montgomery as an as an ASM! Welcome aboard Robert!

We need to hold a Committee Meeting! ! ! ! Let’s plan for the 18th at Hastings at 7 pm. Please let me know.


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