Troop Agenda and Committee Meeting.

Here is the preliminary PLC and Troop Agenda for today and for the next few weeks. One addition is that the
Kelleher’s are working on a fundraising of selling popcorn at Wal Mart. WM needs dates so we need to add them to the Troop’s planning and our Committee meeting agenda. Let’s plan a Committee Meeting next Monday during the boy’s meeting (at 7 P.M.). We can meet at the park too (bring a chair) if the weather is good, if not we’ll look at the church.

If you have any questions or ideas, please give me a call.

Troop 26 May PLC Updated Today

Immediate Action Items

Only three votes so far for 2014 Summer Camp. All Scouts need to vote.

All Scouts must make sure that they have updated Medical forms prior to Summer camp. Now is the time to get that done.


vents on June 1.

Previously scheduled Troop Family BBQ

It has been suggested to make this into a Family camp-out with the Pack. To make this happen we will need a team to organize and plan.


Theme that the PLC determined for month is physical fitness/sports. Troop will only meet on May 6 and May 13. Both meetings will be at Gibson Park at 7pm. PT/Fitness test to begin each meeting. Results to be recorded for all participants.

One lap around park




May 6 meeting plan is game of Ultimate Frisbee

Ryan Detrick to bring gear?

Older Scouts to referee.

May 13 meeting plan is basketball.

Spring Camporee, May 17-19 needs to be organized at May 13 meeting. Shopping on May 16??
Unknown status of the troop trailer, Joe needs to check on this. We also need to plan to have someone tow it to the camp and back if it is ready

No meeting on May 20.

No meeting on May 27, Memorial Day.


June 14th Flag Day at the Overlook Park

Theme that the PLC determined for June is camping skills.

We might use the following for our meeting plans for June.

I would suggest staying with this theme through August.

Pack has asked us to host family camp on weekend of June 1. We could make this a camp out and still do the Troop family BBQ at the campsite. SIGNIFICANT ORGANIZATION NEEDED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

OA Ordeal 1 is June 7-9. Weissmans driving to Melita and willing to drive those who want to go.

OA Ordeal 2 is June 14-16.

Cub Day Camp is June 11-14. First class and older Scouts asked to volunteer to help run that camp.

Troop 26 Court of Honor for Summer will be June 17.


Mr. Boyd’s 30th Birthday is Monday, June 1.??? Let’s make a big deal of it.

Summer Camp July 7-13

Need confirmation on all attendees.

Steve Boyd will be Scoutmaster. Need at least one more adult to go.

Mr. Boyd and I will meet with each boy in May and line up merit badges for camp.

I like SPLs idea of making bunking plans for summer camp. Please do that in June.

We also need to make logistical plans for transportation. That needs to be done by mid-June.

Limited meetings in July after Summer camp.

Weissmans will be gone for Jamboree through 7/24.

August and Looking Forward

Troop Backpacking hike and Campout to Hidden Lake. Mr. Boyd would like this moved to weekend of August 3. Acceptable?

Bicycling camp out/Hiawatha Trail trip led by Mr. Nommensen on weekend of August 23.

Scout Show/Baseball Night

Need suggestions for September theme by June PLC.

Fall Camporee vs. Hands Across the Border, 9/20-22. Troop needs to choose.

Plan for Fall Recruitment.

Do we want to plan a Lick Creek cave trip? A Belt Creek float? Floating Belt Creek should happen in late May through mid-June.


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