A Few Words from the Scoutmaster Regarding Participation

“Be Active in your unit.”

These words are part of the requirements for every advanced rank advancement in Scouting.  What do they mean?

Our unit has been very active since the beginning of the Spring.  We have attended three separate camp-outs, begun weekly bike rides and worked as a team on two separate merit badges.

Unfortunately, I am beginning to note a trend of some Scouts in our unit not participating in our camp outs and activities.  We support extracurricular activities such as team sports and jobs.  However, I do not believe that excuses like “the published program is not interesting” are reasons that meet your requirement to “be active in our unit.”

If you think that our campouts and activities are boring, then you should make a point to attend our Patrol Leader Council meetings and make your opinions known.  We will try to plan more activities that everyone finds interesting.  However, if you just stop coming to our activities, you may be surprised at your next Scoutmaster’s conference; I simply will not sign off on your rank advancement if you are not being active in the troop.

Tomorrow evening will be a regularly scheduled Troop meeting at Trinity Lutheran Church.  At this meeting, we will conduct a review of the Pack/Troop campout and family BBQ this past weekend and we will begin planning for our scheduled hike and campout to the area of Our Lake (Hidden Lake) near Choteau over the weekend of June 22-23.  As such, Assistant Scoutmasters Stephen Boyd and Robert Montgomery will be giving us a demonstration of ultra-light backpacking techniques.

If you would like to bring your pack to this demonstration we will conduct an advanced Pack check for this campout.  Please remember that you will be expected to pack light for hiking and camping through bear country.  Working on these skills will be the subject of all of our June meetings.

Finally, our weekly bike rides are now happening.  If you would like to join us on a ride, meet on Thursday evenings at Knickerbiker at 6pm for a 10-15 mile ride, which will likely have a mid-ride stop at a local ice cream parlor.  Bring water, sun protection and money if you want to buy ice cream.

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