Summer Camp and Fundraising Opportunities

Troop 26;

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the meeting tonight. It will be good to be back at our normal meeting place at our normal meeting time.

By now, you should have confirmed to Mr. Boyd whether or not you are going to Melita Island Summer Camp with the Troop this July. If you have not, please do so by tonight. We are going to finalize that process and begin signing boys up for merit badge classes.

Yesterday you should have received a statement showing the cash in your Scout Account. If that number is less than the expected cost of Summer Camp (about $300, including gas), you should be working on fundraising.

Mrs. Kelleher is organizing a popcorn sale in front of Wal-Mart this weekend, on Saturday, June 8. We will be selling the popcorn we have left over from last Fall’s sale. The boys that work the sale will get shares of the proceeds from the sale based on the shifts worked; I encourage you to sign up to work the popcorn table at the meeting tonight.

I also hope that we can set up a carwash this month to help boys raise funds for camp. Parents, are one of you willing to organize this effort?

See you tonight!

Mr. Weissman, Scoutmaster


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