Troop 26 Update

Howdy all, We had a great meeting last night and the boys present progressed for the next Court of Honor.

This is from an e-mail that Kyle sent out and needs some help with his Eagle Project tomorrow afternoon.
Kyle is at work all day again, so I am sending this out for him. He is in need of help tomorrow around 2:30-3 at the soccer fields. The concrete is being delivered at 3, but we need to have the wheel barrels and everything ready to go when the truck gets there.
We are hoping to put the pole in on Saturday afternoon, time to follow.

Thursday we will have a bike ride. Meet at 6 pm at the Knickerbiker Bike Shop. Remember you need your helmet and some money for ice cream (a required stop along the route. . . . !)

We will have a Court of Honor/Movie Night on August 19th. More details will come out. Next Monday will be a regular meeting at 7.

On August 25th we will hold a Troop Retreat to help plan for the next year and help get parents on line with the program coming up including the boys attending Summer Camp in Washington State next year. We also need to discuss Committee Member’s helping with some parts of our program. More details on this will come out soon, but please plan to be a part for the boys.

Joe Copenhaver
Troop 26 Committee Chair


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