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Aaron Weissman

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Scout Night and Show With The Great Falls Voyagers!

by brutten

Take Me Out to The Ball Game! Come out to Centene Stadium, August 23, 2013, for Scout Night with the Voyagers and plan on spending the night in the outfield after the game. As a reminder, NO tent stakes are allowed in the outfield. This event is open to all registered Scouts, Scouters and their families. Scouts are encouraged to wear their full field dress (Class A) uniform. Discounted tickets are available through the Voyagers and families are encouraged to pre-purchase tickets utilizing the attached form. Ticket sales will also be available at the stadium approximately one hour prior to the game.

Units are also asked to participate in the Lewis and Clark District Scout Show at Centene Stadium before and during the game. The Scout Show is a tremendous opportunity for the public to see what Scouting is all about, with hands-on activities and displays! Fun things at the Scout Show may include games, camping displays, cooking displays (no fires), summer camp displays, obstacle courses, pioneering projects, photo displays, pinewood derby displays or any other appropriate Scouting activity. Your Unit Commissioner will reach out to you shortly to promote and provide guidance for the Scout Show or you may contact District Commissioner Rex Jewett via email atjmjewett for more information.

The BSA has remained the nation’s leading youth organization because it remains true to the core values of Scouting, such as service to others, respecting and embracing the outdoors, doing your best, and living in a healthy manner. One of BSA’s core programs is “No Child Left Inside” which encourages youth to participate in outdoor activities. For 100 years, the Montana Council, BSA has created a foundation of leadership, service, and community for thousands of youth in Montana. See you at the ball game and go Voyagers!

Bill Rutten
District Chairman
Lewis and Clark District

Scout Night Flyer

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