August 12, 2013 – Weekly Update

Hey boys! So sorry I missed last week! But this week we will definitely have a post!

Next week, on Monday, we will have our meeting at the scout office. It will be at 6:00 PM (or 1800 if you are Jeremy), and we will be having our Court of Honor there! Also, we will be eating pizza, watching jumanji, and having a fire there too! Wear your Class A’s and look sharp!

On August 23, the baseball fields will be having the Scout show at the field. The game starts at 7:00 PM, but as a troop we will be meeting there at 2:00 PM to build the two story structure for everyone to look at! If you would like to spend the night there, bring everything necessary and have a parent present for the WHOLE night!

The next day, on August 24, Mr. Weissman will be leading a few hikes in the little belt mountains. If going, contact Mr. Weissman and the plan is to meet in monarch at 10:30 AM.

On August 25, our First Annual Troop Retreat will be beginning at 8:00 AM. Eat your own breakfast and plan on it being at Medicine River Scout Center.

The following day, August 26, is the Troop kayaking/canoeing trip at Wadsworth pond. Bring sunscreen and if possible a life jacket! Contact your patrol leader if you are going because a firm headcount is needed! Meet there at 1:00 PM and we will be done by 7:30 PM.

If you are needing any information on anything in this post, or anything at the meeting; contact a leader!

Have a great week scouts and don’t forget, LIVE LIKE A SCOUT!


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