Court of Honor / Troop Activity Plans.

Our upcoming activities are. . .

On Going – Thursdays – Bike Ride, meet at the Knickerbiker 6 p.m.. Remember to wear your helmet and bring treat money, and a water bottle.

6 pm 6 pm 6pm 6pm 6pm 6 pm 6pm 6 pm 6pm 6pm 6pm 6pm 6pm 6pm 6pm
Monday August 19th, Court of Honor/Pizza Party/Movie Night. This will start at 6 p.m. at the Scout Center. Bring chairs and bug spray. We will have a fire pit and Mr Lucas has a permit for us. Pizza will come from Little Ceasers. Class A’s dress and this is a family ceremony. We need to have all Scouts for a new Troop Photo as well.
6 pm 6 pm 6pm 6pm 6pm 6 pm 6pm 6 pm 6pm 6pm 6pm 6pm 6pm 6pm 6pm

August 23rd is Scout Night at the Voyagers Game. The boys will meet at Centene Stadium at 2:30 to start working on the Pioneering Tower. The game starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $3.00 General Admission or $5.00 GA with a soda and hot dog. This is also a Class A’s event. The Troop Trailer with the poles and rope need to be arranged to be there at 2:30 as well. The boy’s will also have the opportunity to camp out on the field after the game. Arrangements need to be made to have a parent with you for this.

August 24th Aaron will host hiking near his Cabin at Monarch. He has planned to meet at the Lazy Doe at 10:30. Contact Aaron if interested.

August 25th is the Troop Retreat at the Medicine River Scout Center. This is an all day planning event for the troop for the next year. We plan to have a Committee Meeting. Aaron has sent out a new agenda as we have adjusted a couple of items. It will start at 8:00 am and breakfast will be on your own before, with the PLC providing lunch and dinner. Make sure to bring your chair and drinks.

August 26th is the Canoeing and Kayaking at Wadsworth Pond. This will start at 1 p.m.. Again Patrol Leaders, you need to get a head count to Jeremey by Thursday this week.

There will be no meeting on September 2nd.

Fall Camporee is Friday-Sunday September 20-22. Camp Rotary Mountain Man Competition

We will also plan a Court of Honor for late October as well as the December Party.

Scout Popcorn sales is coming soon and we need a Pop-Corn Colonel to help lead the boys with this. It involves some training and helping keep track for the boys for a few weeks through delivery.

Be Prepared !
Joe Copenhaver

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