Troop 26 Update

Howdy all! I hope you all are surviving the back-to-school time as well as the great weather we are having! This past few weeks have been exciting in our Troop! We had our Troop Retreat on August 25th and many things came from this. I will work in part from this meeting in sending out this e-mail with information to all.

We will be back to Monday meetings starting this next week. Remember, we are back to full Class A Uniforms. The Thursday Bike rides will continue as well. Check with Mr. Boyd or Mr. Weissman. Usually leaves 6:30 p.m. from Knickerbiker. Remember you will need a bike (yep), a helmet, water bottle/water, and ice cream or treat money.

Sunday, September 15th will be the Troop Fundraiser Car Wash at Hardees on 10th Ave South, starting at 10 A.M.

The Fall Camporee is Fri-Sun September 20 – 22. During our meetings we will have a list of items to take as well as preparations for this camp. It will be a fun time.

We need to organize a shopping trip for leaders/parents to purchase supplies for the Troop Trailer. We discussed needing the following supplies; Clorox wipes, dish soap, lantern mantles, 2 tables, 4 cutting boards, propane. . . . . Spices were discussed and a final list needs to be put together. We also need to plan a work session for cleaning out the trailer and restocking the patrol boxes. As well as looking at work on the trailer. In addition we need to organize a cleaning day to clean out Troop Stuff that is in storage up at K & K trucking. We have a temporary location to store for now, but we will need to go through and sort. I would guess this would be a 3-4 hour project and we will need some pickup trucks.

Looking at the next Scouting Year planned events. (Subject to Adjustments)

October 2013

Recharter Troop by October 30th

JOTA 18-20

Coat Drive will be with the Popcorn Sales


1-2 Lick Creek Caves/Camp

16th Bowling


6th Christmas Stroll

16th Troop Party / Court of Honor

January 2014

11th Merit Badge PowWow

17-19 Klondike

25th Merit Badge PowWow


7th Eagle Report to Governor

7/8 Lock in

Ice Skating/Skiing party


17th Court of Honor

22 & 29 Scouting For Food


11-13 Trail to 1st Class

O/A Tap out


1st Bike to the Skating Rink Party

16-18 Spring Camporee

30th Pack/Troop Campout


19-22 Mt Council Camporee – Lewistown


13th O/A Camp


18-20 Holter Canoe/Kayak trip


3-9 Camp Parsons Washington

23 Budget & Planning Meeting


Court of Honor

Looking at items that need to be discussed and decisions made.

We need some new neckerchiefs, and thus some neckerchief patches made. In addition we need some tee shirts made too. Looking at this, do we want to continue with the current logo/design, or have a contest to design a new one for future use? This will need about $200-$500. to complete. New moisture-wicking shirts have been suggested. We also have some tents from Jamboree coming. The troop will buy these and we will keep some and sell some. But this will cost $750 up-front. We also need to catch up to Dave Bertelson to pay the costs for the trailer axle repair. And as we worked on and defined a budget for the next year, the recharter costs for this year will be more expensive per boy than expected. We will need to work on fundraisers in the coming year to help the boys and the Troop out. It was expected that each boy will need to raise about $1085 for the next year’s activities (this includes Camp Parsons).

Fundraising Committee;



Car Wash-Michelle

Grocery Bagging-Steve BIG THANKS TO YOU ! ! ! ! !

We will have a Committee Meeting this coming Monday during the Scout Meeting to work on these items and some more.

Joe Copenhaver
Committee Chair Troop 26
268 1309

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