September 9, 2013 – Weekly Update

Hey boys! How are you this week? I’ll try my best to keep up with these weekly updates but I apologize for any missed weeks and/or misinformation.

To begin, in two weekends, we will be participating in the Fall Camporee. This year it will be at camp rotary in Monarch/Neihart. There will be a really fun mountain man competition during it where we do various things like throwing spirals and tomahawk throwing. Other things such as dodgeball and pellet gun shooting. We are expected to have a dutch oven dessert for this so bring ideas if you can. Don’t forget to bring a variety of clothes ranging from cold to hot weather. You will need to have a signed permission slip and funds paid for in ADVANCE before going.

This upcoming Sunday at 10 AM we are having a car wash at Hardee’s on 10th. This is a great opportunity to get money in your account and get more involved in the troop! TROLL patrol don’t forget to make at least 10 signs for this!

Popcorn sales will begin the weekend after the fall camporee so be prepared for that!

Get prepared for this camp and make sure to bring your 10 essentials and summon sense objects too! Have a great week and don’t forget to LIVE LIKE A SCOUT!


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