Mess Kits

Troop 26;

I wanted to write a few final thoughts before we leave for the District Fall Camporee, which looks to be one of our best attended events in quite a few years. Brian, please forward this along to the Webelos that will be joining us.

The weather looks like it will be fabulous this weekend. However, plan for it to get below freezing at night. It snowed in the Little Belts last night, so BE PREPARED.

Many thanks to Daniel Stone, who helped us shop for food last night. We will be trying something new for the next campout. Each Patrol will appoint a Grubmaster, and that Grubmaster will be responsible to get the items on the Patrol’s shopping list. This is a time-honored way for Scout Troops to shop for food before a campout, and I am very excited to start using it in our Troop.

Finally, make sure that you bring a mess kit. We have used a lot of paper products in previous campouts, and we are trying to get away from using them. If you don’t have a mess kit, you will find it very difficult to eat. A mess kit can just be a plate, fork and cup. For this campout, there will be no paper plates, cups or plastic flat wear in the trailer. BE PREPARED.

I would like to leave tomorrow by 6. It would be great if our campsite was set up before dark. Max will be the acting SPL until Tyler arrives on Saturday morning.

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. Weissman

Aaron Weissman


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