Troop Update

The Troop participated at the Fall Camporee this past weekend at Camp Rotary. I am proud of all of them as they did very well at this camp. The boys were picked to hold the opening flags on Saturday morning and they did very well and made us proud. During the day were competitions that all the boys participated in. Archery, ninja targeting, tomahawk targeting, BB gun targeting, Survivor obstacle course, Ga-Ga ball and finally the legendary desert cooking. Our boys participated in all and did well. They worked close together and gave us some good scout spirit. In the desert competition, we made Dutch-Oven Baklava. . . A difficult dish to make at home no less at camp in a Dutch-Oven. We made one with each patrol, and in the end the Trolls won with the Panthers just a couple of points behind. This was a most significant Troop victory ! ! ! ! Good Job Boys ! ! ! !

The obstacle course was difficult and every boy in the camp ran it and our boys were in the fastest group missing the lead place by a mere few seconds. I think we could build a portable Ga-Ga ball (Dodge ball) arena and be popular at every outing or camp we attend.

Saturday kicks off the Popcorn Sales for this year. The boys will meet at Steve’s house Saturday morning (Steve, insert time and address please) to head to our area and get a good start. This is the big fundraiser for the both the boy’s and the troop. Reminder, October 12th is the Wee Disciple’s Spaghetti dinner that the Troop helps serve. All boys and parents are asked to help. This is a Class A event as well.

The next meeting will be September 30th.

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  1. And I would also like to add a huge thank you and job we’ll done to the district camping committee for putting on yet another well planned and FUN camporee! Great job Forrest, Tim and Tom!

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