Chess at meeting tomorrow

Troop 26;

In addition to the timely and relevant notes by Mr. Copenhaver below, please also remember to bring a chess set for our meeting. We will try to reserve at least an hour of the meeting for chess matches. I will also have score cards, so these matches tomorrow will count toward work on the chess merit badge.

Aaron Weissmanaaron

On Oct 6, 2013, at 5:42 PM, joe copenhaver <mach1joe> wrote:

Howdy All

I hope you all are adjusted to October by now. We missed the snow by that much. . .

How are your popcorn sales going? Good I hope! Remember to bring your collections and tallies to the meeting Monday night. The PLC will meet at 6:15 ! ! Regular Meeting 7 pm. Remember we are collecting warm coats for donation as well. I will have the Camp Parsons registration form to send in as well. We will need to send a fee to hold our camp.

Coming up Saturday (Oct 12th) is the Wee Disciple’s Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser. Miss Debbie will remind us when to be at the Civic Center – in your class A uniform! ! !

A group work item was noticed at the Fall Camporee. The Troop Trailer First Aid Kit was discovered to be out of date. Items in it were, well, somewhat expired. So we will work to create a new one that we can keep up with. So, I wish to offer a challenge to the boys. Bring a list of the 10 most important items you think need to be in the new first aid kit! We will discuss the lists and start to work on it ! !

Coming is the JOTA the 18 – 20 out at the Medicine River Scout Center.

I don’t have too many items for a Committee Meeting. If any scouts or parents have anything we need to discuss, we can hold a Committee Meeting. I will have toget with Aaron to complete next years re-registration for the Troop.

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