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Aaron Weissman

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Dear Unit Leader:
Thank you for volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America! We appreciate your time and service. We have created this document for you, to further aid your Scouting journey and improve council to unit support.
Our topic for today is Position Specific Training:
What is training is expected to enhance my position and benefit the youth I serve?

  • Youth Protection – Offered either face-to-face or online, and is required before your BSA application is turned in. Training is good for two years.
  • Leader Specific – Offered either face-to-face or online.
    • There are many more trainings offered online that can enhance the success of your position, which are encouraged, but not required.

Face to Face training is offered through your District and more information is provided at a monthly Roundtable. Contact your District Chair for specifics.
In order to complete training online, please follow the steps below.
2. Click the Log In tab on the left hand side of the screen
3. Log in OR Register
a. If you know your membership number* and have an account, log in to ensure your training is recorded correctly your profile must include your membership number. To update your profile to include your membership: select “Update my profile” from the left. Enter your personal info at the top of the next page; under Membership info, select “Montana Council – Great Falls, MT – #315” and enter your membership number.
b. New leaders. Create an account. Remember, you do not have a membership number yet, so make sure that you print out any training completed and either email it or mail it to the address below. After the re-charter process, you will have a membership number*. Once your membership number is provided, log in to transfer past training to your name.
4. Select E-Learning and choose the training you wish to take.
5. Again, the following training sessions are needed to be considered fully trained.
a. Youth Protection
b. Leader Specific (for registered position)
Frequently asked questions-

*What is my membership number?
When a volunteer registers with the Boy Scouts of America, they are given a membership number. This number stays with you during your entire Scouting career even if your position changes.

*Where do I find this number?
When re-charters are completed, the Committee Chair receives a packet of information regarding your unit. In it are membership cards for each member of the unit. The membership number is located on the bottom of the card directly after 315 90 and before the Chief Scout Executive’s signature.
Or, look at the address label on your latest edition of Scouting Magazine. Your membership is on the line directly above your name between the pound signs (#). Drop the leading zeros and enter the first nine digits.

*I have my number now what do I do with it?
You are able to create an account through to update your personal profile with your membership number and take additional training sessions.

*What if I have never received this card?
If your Committee Chair does not have this card, you may call or email Lindsey Schreiner at the Scout Office for that information. 406-761-6000 or lindsey.schreiner or (406-761-4480 fax)

*Why should I take training?
The safety of our children and leaders is very important to the Boy Scouts of America. Our children deserve to have trained leaders and your experience will be more rewarding when you are trained to understand the program and how to access the aid available.

*I have taken my training but do not have a membership number, what do I do with it?
Send your training information to the following address,
Montana Council, BSA
ATTN: Lindsey Schreiner
820 17th Ave. South
Great Falls, MT 59405
If we can help you, or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours in Scouting,
Cory Keith, Vice President of Training


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Montana Council, Boy Scouts of America | 820 17th Ave South | Great Falls | MT | 59405


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