And a couple from the Committee Chair – A Few Words from the Scoutmaster

Last night’s meeting went well. The chess program went well with all the boys jumping right in to play and learn!

I have a couple of items to add info on. The letter/reservation went out in the mail this morning for Camp Parsons. I apologize for the confusion on this. The patches for the neckerchiefs are ordered as well. Mr Locke’s daughter is sewing them for us and when the patches arrive, we will get them to her to apply as well. A big thanks for this help. ! ! !

I also checked out class B tee shirt and hoodie prices today. I want to add a buy local note to these type of purchases if possible. Our community works to support our scouting program, and when possible and practical, I want to work with that and buy what we can here in Great Falls. With the tee shirts, they will run $8-$10 each for regular s and $10-$14 each for the moisture wicking. This is with the black logo on as we have now. I quoted with an order of about 40 shirts. The zip hoodies will run $26 – $30 each. If we decide to go with this, and order the shirts and hoodies all at the same time, the costs can come down a bit on each item, but I didn’t think the prices were too bad. I would like to have the hoodies the same blue with white logos which is okay with them.

The troop has a good start with the pop-corn sales. We have 3 scouts (as far as I heard last night) that are over $1000. . . ! This is great ! !! We have a new scout joining us, Trey Behling will be in the Trolls, Welcome Trey!!!

Recharting is still in the works and will be completed by the end of the month!

I welcome questions, concerns, notes, hey yous, or any of the sort at any time. We will schedule a Committee/parents meeting later this month.

Thank you all!

Joe Copenhaver

On Tuesday, October 8, 2013 3:33 PM, Aaron Weissman <> wrote:

Troop 26;

I hope you are enjoying our return to warm weather for at least a few days!

I think we have had some great meetings for the past few weeks while we have been working on the chess merit badge. I hope that you are enjoying the program. Many thanks to Mr. Adams for agreeing to serve as the merit badge counselor.

I wanted to write you all a short note to make sure that you were all informed regarding a few decisions that were made at last night’s PLC and to give you a proposal for our November/December theme:

* From now on, we will have a short meeting on the Monday following a campout. Class B t-shirts are fine for that meeting. The meeting will start at 6 and hopefully conclude by 6:45. The purpose of the meeting will be to award best camper from that previous campout and conduct Start-Stop-Continue while the event is fresh in everyone’s mind. The first such meeting like this will be on October 21.

* Patrol elections will be held this coming Monday, October 14. James Reyes is running for Panther patrol leader and Daniel Stone is running for APL. Jordan Christian and Jack Dresel are running for Troll Patrol leader. My thanks and congratulations to Max and Jake for their year of leadership in each patrol. Moving forward, we are going to try and move all positions except SPL to a 6-month term.

* We will be holding a unit of service for Trinity Lutheran Church this coming Saturday, October 12. We will be setting up, cooking and serving for the Wee Disciples Spaghetti Dinner. Please make a point to be at the church at 2pm on Saturday to help. We will need help throughout the evening, the event itself will be at the Civic Center. This is a great opportunity to help show Trinity Lutheran Church that we appreciate their hospitality and all the help they give our Troop!

* I would like to make a proposal for our theme for November/December. I think that our theme should be First Aid/CPR. If you agree, we can work to get some certified instructors to our meetings with the goals of a) first aid merit badge for anyone that has not already earned it, b) CPR certification for all attendees and c) Red Cross First Aid certification for all attendees. CPR/First Aid certifications do come at a small cost, whatever is charged by the Red Cross. Ideally, we could finalize the theme with a “First Aid O’Ree” at a meeting in December. This would also be a good opportunity to replace some of the 40 and 50 year old supplies in our trailer first aid kit.

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. Weissman


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