October 28, 2013 – Weekly Update

Good afternoon boys! This will be my last post as webmaster to you all… but not to fear! Our new “Scribmaster” Mitchell Evans will provide you with your weekly updates!

At our meeting last night, Jordan, myself, and James R were elected the patrol leaders of their patrols. Jake will now be the Troop Guide and, as mentioned earlier, Mitchell will be taking over the jobs of Scribe and Webmaster. A big thanks to Jake, Max, Wyatt, and Bryce for leading their patrols and troop in their assigned ways!

This Saturday will be our caving trip to the Lick Creek Caverns. If you are attending and haven’t yet let Mr. Weissman know, do so ASAP! If going, meet at the Lazy Doe NLT at 830AM on Saturday morning. You MUST wear many layers of clothing. You should  bring/wear: Leather gloves, headlamp(must), flashlight, extra batteries(must), trail food, and lots and lots of water (MUST). You should bring a change of clothes, and a garbage bag to keep said clothes dry. If you have them, bring knee pads as they will be a huge benefit! You must also bring some sort of helmet if you plan on actually going inside the cave.

Have a great week scouts!


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