Troop update for this week and November.

Howdy all,

We had a Great Committee Meeting last Tuesday! Thank you to all who attended. With this I will start with the end of the meeting and work on. As we are re-chartering the Troop, it was agreed that the Committee Chair will remain the same along with all adult leaders. I have received much support from all of you and I very much appreciate it. We will work together to make our boys better Leaders and Scouts! Our agenda included recent Troop Activities, this next year, and discussion on a new direction with the boys – getting back on track towards becoming a better troop. We did not get to some items on the agenda, so they will hold over for a meeting in a couple of weeks. The next supply of Neckerchief Patches arrived, so we will have some available soon. In the next year we will hold some merit badge classes during the meetings, as well as offering First Aid and CPR classes.

The Committee and the parents will also need to discuss more on the upcoming IGA bagging planned for just before Thanksgiving and Christmas; the Christmas Stroll fundraiser, and get plans started for our Troop Banquet/Court of Honor coming up in December. We will need plenty of parent support for these.

We have a good start on the Troop Re-Chartering for the next year. At Monday night’s meeting I will need to collect information from our Troop Parents. I will need all of you who have or are going to drive Scouts to events – to bring in your insurance information as well as vehicle(s) information – so I can record this . We will need this for all who will be driving Scouts throughout the next year, so if you are not able to make the meeting, please call or e-mail a copy so I can get the re-chartering completed and turned in this week. We have 3 adults that will need to complete Youth Protection Training, 1 is a paperwork adjustment, but the other 2 will need to sit through the course again.

I will not have the boys set up to receive Boy’s Life Magazine this year. If you want your Scout to receive it, please let me know. This will add $12. to their rechartering fee, that can be paid with re-chartering or out of their Scout Accounts.

Monday will be the PLC at 6:30. The SPL, ASPL, PL, and APL for each patrol need to be there as well as the Scribemaster! The regular meeting will start at 7.

Mrs Frost has agreed to sell candy bars for us at her work. Thank you ! ! ! And Thank You to Mrs Smith for aquiring them for us!

As I noted in earlier e-mails, Jordan was elected the Patrol Leader of the Trolls, congratulations Jordan! And James was elected Patrol Leader for the Panthers, Congratulations James! And Mitchell will be our Scribe and Webmaster. . or Scribemaster! Congratulations Mitchell! And I missed listing Jake as becoming the Troop Guide, sorry Jake and Congratulations! !

And Big Thank Yous to Mrs Kelleher and Mrs Detrick for their help coordinating the Popcorn Sales ! ! !

If you have any questions or input, please feel free to contact me. I hope I have everything in this, some days my mind is like swiss cheese. . . Again, thank you all !

Joe Copenhaver
Troop 26 Committee Chair


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