Max’s Community Service Project

As you may know, Max is having his bar mitzvah on Saturday, December 28th. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this Jewish event, a bar mitzvah is a “coming of age 13” ceremony but it is much more than that. It is a culmination of years of study and solidifying his commitment to Judaism. He has been studying with a Rabbi/cantorial soloist out of Denver for more than 2 years in preparation for this day. For our daughter’s bat mitzvah, we had over 165 people in attendance with family from all over the United States and even Amsterdam and Germany. This is a “big deal.”

You should have received an e-mail invitation to this event and the other events surrounding the bar mitzvah. If you are interested in attending, talk to Scoutmaster Aaron about the details (or call or e-mail Wendy). We need to know if you are coming so that we can give counts to our caterers.

Part of his bar mitzvah is a community service project. Max will be collecting canned food, baskets, ribbon, and wrapping materials to make food baskets for each table during the lunch after his bar mitzvah (instead of table decorations, we will be using decorated canned food baskets). After the lunch, the baskets will be donated to the East Middle School food pantry.
We are asking for troop help in several ways:
1. Donate food. We will need to make about 15 baskets so we will need a lot of canned food (colorful boxes and cans would be really neat if you can find them)

2. Donate baskets, ribbon, bows, and any other decoration items. We have some clear cellophane bags but are in need of bows, ribbons, etc. We have a few baskets but many more are needed.
3. Help assembling the baskets. WE WILL BE HOLDING AN ASSEMBLY PARTY ON MONDAY DECEMBER 23RD AT 4 PM AT THE WASHINGTON SCHOOL BUILDING. Pizza will be provided so please let us know if you are coming so we have enough food. The more people we have the faster we can get this done. I know this is close to Christmas but it needs to be done close to the bar mitzvah so we can get as much food as possible.

Please consider helping Max in his community service project.

Donated items can be brought to the troop meetings or you can call or email Wendy ( for information on how to get the items to us.
Thank you in advance for your help! Hope to see you all at Max’s bar mitzvah.

If you are unable to help prior to his bar mitzvah, we will also have a canned food receptacle at the bar mitzvah itself if you want to bring a can of food there.


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