New e-mail/meeting tonight troop 26

I have created a new e-mail to use with scouting. Please add this e-mail to your list for me.


Below is a post I found that seems to fit us at this time of the year. Meeting tonight at the Church, 7 p.m. We will need to plan items for the remaining events of the year. I also have the re-charter completed as well as the application for the Cristmas Stroll. I will need some signatures from Aaron and Bob as well as checks for them to be sent in.


At the beginning of Boy Scout meetings, we recite multiple oaths, laws and values that the Boy Scouts hold as an enduring core of their vision for young boys to learn from. These values are a guide to what we ultimately become and offer through scouting and into adulthood. As a part of this opening, the Scout Oath points us in a direction to do our best. The Scout Laws are levels to accomplish in our decisions with life decisions. The Motto reminds us what we always need to be. But the Scout Slogan is truly one attribute of scouting that we all need to embrace every opportunity of every day. ‘Do A Good Turn Daily’! This can be as simple as offering a smile to someone, maybe a wave to someone sitting on a bench waiting for the bus. In days past, Boy Scouts were noted for being in full uniform all the time and helping little old ladies cross the street. Many films had this action in them. The Slogan is still just as important today. What can we do to help someone?

The other day a young father had his shopping cart full of groceries along with an infant. He placed his groceries in his car and was strapping the infant in the car seat. The cart was still behind his car. A Good Turn was to offer and take the empty cart into the store for him. This helped him tremendously with a simple task. Recently there has been a commercial on TV showing a young couple bringing in a bunch of holiday decorations. They work quickly in setting up the lights and tree, garland and other decorations in a small apartment. In the end they rush out the door and across the hallway to their apartment – just as an older lady comes in the building brushing the cold and snow away. She makes her way to the apartment and opens the door to find it is decorated. The commercial shows the magic in her face and the satisfaction in the other couple’s faces. A simple good turn helps to make the older lady’s day.

We are coming up on the end of the year with holidays that are special to us all. What good turn will we do to make someone’s day? What can we do every day, and throughout the year? Some may be difficult like raking neighbor’s leaves, or shoveling their sidewalks – and some are simple. But they can be done every day.

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