Christmas Stroll Reminder

Greetings all. The cold and snow are settling in for a spell. Remember to always be prepared for the cold, if you are on your way to or from school, or the store, keep bundled up!

Some reminders for the Christmas Stroll. The boy’s and parent’s safety is first and foremost. You must have cold weather clothing. This includes good gloves, stocking hat(s), winter coat and winter boots. Insulated coveralls are great too! You can wear your uniform, but it will be covered. If you are not dressed properly (forecast -1 to -19 for Friday) then you may be sent home to get warmer clothes. Do not arrive with your jacket unzipped and only wearing tennis shoes and jeans. Be Prepared!

The food safety part is pretty straight forward. Anyone serving food will need to start by sanitizing their hands and wearing food gloves. We will work in shifts so you may go warm up after a bit from this. If you need to leave to for a break to attend to a runny nose or bathroom, you will need to wash your hands again when you return. With this cold, it can be expected. The food will be pretty well maintained. The items that need to be cold will be, and the items that need to be warm will be in a cooker to keep temperature. The Health Department will inspect us. If you have any questions, please ask at the stroll.

The stroll begins Friday at 5:00 p.m., so we need to be there ahead of that to set up. Our booth is in front of Kauffman’s Men’s Wear, 411 Central Ave. Cleanup will be afterwards and we need everyone’s help to get it cleaned up and out of there.



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