Upcoming Troop Events/Schedule

Troop 26 Upcoming Events

Scouting For Food Drive

  • Troop Chair is Billie Jo Larias
  • Bag Drop Off: March 22: Meet at Montana Lil’s Casino parking lot on 10th Ave S at 9am. Scouts should wear appropriate clothing for the weather and their Class A uniforms. Should take less than one hour.
  • Food Pick Up: March 29: Meet at Montana Lil’s Casino parking lot on 10th Ave S at 9am. Parents with vehicles that can trail along with the boys and allow them to drop off food bags as they pick them up will be necessary. After we pick up the bags from our area, we will take it to the Food Bank. This will all take at least three hours.

Mark Helgeson Eagle Court of Honor: Friday, March 28 at 6:30pm at Valley Community Bible Church.

Trail to First Class Campout and OA Tap-Out: April 11-13 at Holter Lake campground.

May events

  • Mid-year calendar conference at Scout Meeting on May 5: Chance to re-evaluate Program schedule for remainder of year.
  • Sluice Box float trip for older boys with demonstrated swimming ability. This will be done with Venturing Crew 8. Depending on water runoff levels, we may look at doing this in May or June.
  • Pack 26 / Troop 26 Campout and Volunteer Recognition Picnic at Medicine River Scout Center, May 30-31: Program will be First Aid O-Ree competition and skill games.
  • Since there will be no Spring Camporee, we may also consider a Troop campout for mid-May.

June events: Council Camporee, June 19-22 in Townsend

July events: Troop Holter Lake Float Trip and Campout, July 18-20

August events: Summer Camp at Camp Parsons! August 10-16 (plus travel time)

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  1. Thank you to all that helped with the sack delivery for the food drive. It was truely a chilly morning. We braved the weather for only 3 1/2 hours, by the time we were finished we had a better understanding and a greater respect for those without food or shelter. Thank you for making a difference for your community ….we are family and friends brought together through food set forth at the dinner table. Please know I am looking forward to all of you meeting with my family for the bountiful food collection. Also, those who could not make it please do not be shy..come on out do to a good turn…you WILL make a difference for many people. Your help is much needed. If you have any questions please call Billie at 1-208-670-0441. Lets show our Troop spirit and gather till the food bank is full!

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