Council Camporee is this coming weekend! Are you excited!

Troop 26;

Council Camporee is this coming weekend! I hope that you are as excited as I am for this event, which only happens a few times each decade. It may be another 4 to 5 years or more before our Council does this again. I am sorry for such a long email this week, but there are a number of details you need to know.

First, a bit of housekeeping:

  • Regarding the Personal Fitness Merit Badge. For those of you working on your badge with Mrs. Detrick, you should be making a point of keeping up with your daily personal fitness logs. Even though we won’t have a meeting on June 23, Mrs. Detrick will meet you at Gibson Park on 6/23 at 6:30 pm to do PT with you. Please make a point to bring your logs to that session.
  • We will do our Sluice Box float trip on Sunday, June 29. This activity is for older Scouts who are strong swimmers. We will have a special meeting on June 23 only for the boys that are joining us on the float. Please contact me for more information.
  • At our meeting last Monday, we put together a number of details for Camporee. Here is what you need to know:
  • We will be departing for Townsend at 1:30 pm on Thursday, June 19 from Trinity Lutheran Church. Remember, we always travel in our Class A uniforms.
  • If I do not already have an updated Med Form and permission slip from you, I need it before we depart from Townsend. Copies of blank forms are attached.


We will be eating as a Troop during the Camporee, using one menu.

There will a patrol level duty roster covering cooking and cleaning duties.

All youth attending Camporee will eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as provided. Adults have the option of eating with us or not. If you are not eating with us, please let me know and you won’t be charged for the meal.

Meals are $3 each, which will be charged to your Scout account. If you don’t have a Scout account with the Troop, please settle up with me by next week. Please remember that if you are on the list, your Scout account will be charged for your meal whether you are there or not.

For those of you traveling separately, please let me know when you plan to arrive so that I can make sure that you are included in the count for the meal so we prepare enough food.


Thursday dinner: On your own

Friday breakfast: Hashbrowns and eggs

Friday lunch: Cold cut sandwiches

Friday dinner: Taco bar

Saturday breakfast: Chocolate chip pancakes and bacon

Saturday lunch: cold cut sandwiches

Saturday dinner: Turkey with all the trimmings! (Thanksgiving in June)

Sunday breakfast: cereal and donuts

  • We will be camping Jamboree-style at the Camporee. However, you may use either your personal tent or our Troop tents. We will have designated camping areas for each patrol in our campsite.
  • Instead of meeting at the Church on Monday, we will be doing our grocery shopping for the Camporee. Please meet at 7pm at the Malmstrom visitor center gate wearing your Class A uniform for the shopping. If you need a ride, please let me know.
  • As we are camping with Troop 7 during the Camporee, we are going to meet with them for a final Camporee meeting on Wednesday, June 18 at the First Congregational United Church at 2900 9th Ave S (the Dairy Queen Church) at 7pm to finalize our Camporee skit plans and pack the trailer with your personal gear. Please bring your Camporee gear and instrument to that meeting! After that brief meeting, we will have a game of Ultimate Frisbee with Troop 7 in Lion’s Park. Class B uniforms are acceptable for this meeting.

Well, that is a lot of information! Please contact me with any questions. I look forward to camping with you this coming weekend.

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. Weissman

Aaron Weissman
Scoutmaster, Troop 1026, Great Falls, MT
Vice President for Program, Montana Council
Boy Scouts of America

I used to be a Fox, and a good ole Fox too! W5-315-11-1



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