Communications tonight, Skiing on Saturday!

Troop 26;

I hope that you all had a great week! For those of you in the Great Falls public schools, we have just stared the new semester. I wish you all very good wishes for the second half of the school year!

Tonight is our February Patrol Leader’s Conference (PLC) at 6pm at Trinity Lutheran Church. Any of you that have a leadership position in the troop (SPL, ASPL, PL, APL, Quartermaster, Scribe, etc.) should make a point to attend. We will be discussing the details of our plans for Troop meetings and activities through the end of March.

We will begin working on the Communications merit badge at our meeting tonight at 7pm at Trinity Lutheran, and we have some fun activities scheduled that will culminate in a Communications Hike at the end of the month. I remind you, Communications is an Eagle required badge. The next four meetings are a great opportunity to complete a large portion of this requirement. I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting tonight!

Our Troop Ski day at Showdown Ski area is this Saturday, February 7! I hope that you can all join us for a fun day on the mountain. There are several logistical details that we will work out regarding the trip tonight. However, here are a few items you need to know about the trip:

  • I need all paperwork for this trip (payment, rental forms and permission slips) no later than Friday morning, February 6. If you are not on my list by Friday afternoon, you will not be included in our group rates, etc. If you are not on my list as attending already, please get in touch with me as soon as possible.
  • All participants (Pack and Troop) must complete a BSA permission slip. You can download a pre-filled permission slip from our event page at
  • Anyone needing to rent equipment needs to fill out an equipment rental form. I recommend a lesson for everyone. I still take lessons! Those wanting lessons need to identify lesson level needed.
  • You can complete many requirements toward your Snow Sports Merit Badge on Saturday. The operations manager at Showdown, Ben Haugen, is an Eagle Scout and a Snow Sports merit badge counselor. I will arrange for you to meet with Mr. Haugen if you would like to work on that merit badge. See me if you are interested.
  • Everyone participating should meet Aaron downstairs in the lodge at Showdown in the vicinity of locker #91 NO LATER THAN 9am. By that time I will have your gear rental, lift tickets and lessons arranged, and I can give them to you then. DO NOT BE LATE. You should plan on leaving Great Falls by 7:30-7:45 am. We will discuss carpools at the meeting tonight.
  • Aaron has arranged for group rates. Troop will pay for event from Troop checkbook. Participants need to pay for their portion in ADVANCE. Boys in Troop can have amount deducted from their Scout account if they have sufficient funds available. Those paying by cash need to put cash in envelope with their name and amount enclosed on the front. DO NOT GIVE ME LOOSE CASH. I need to have all cash for the event by the morning of Friday, February 6.
  • Aaron will be leaving for the Little Belt Mountains on Friday evening and will not be returning until Sunday evening. Any boys traveling with him on Friday evening will have to be picked up by their parents at the ski hill on Saturday afternoon just after 4pm, unless they plan on skiing on Sunday. See below.
  • Some people have indicated that they want to ski on Saturday and Sunday. While this is OK, Sunday will NOT be a BSA trip. There will be no group rates on Sunday. See Aaron regarding logistics if you want me to transport you to and from the ski hill. I am not planning on entertaining many people on Saturday night. I am thrilled to help accommodate some logistics, but we will have to arrange for this separately. I will have a separate meeting with parents regarding this.
  • Food is available for purchase at Showdown. If you want to purchase food at Showdown, bring cash. I will not hold onto lunch cash. I think it would be a great idea if a parent were to volunteer to bring a cooler full of lunch supplies for everyone. If we can do this, then we would charge kids our standard $3 for a meal and reimburse the parent purchasing the supplies. We could also fill a drink cooler with kool-aid from our Troop supplies. The Troop will donate $20 toward your skiing expenses if you volunteer to stock and bring the cooler. Please contact me if you would like to volunteer!
  • Families (parents, siblings, etc.) are welcome to participate. I will still need your payment and rental forms. Winter Trails day is also right next to Showdown at Silvercrest. This event, which will include guided snowshoe trips, is FREE. Please come up and enjoy a day in the Little Belt Mountains, whether you ski or snowshoe!

Finally, a note of congratulations to our two recent Eagle Scouts, Jake Smith and Jack Dresel. Jake and Jack will be taking part in the annual Eagle Report to the Governor at the State capitol on Saturday. Thank you both for representing our Troop at this meeting!

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. Weissman

Aaron Weissman
Scoutmaster, Troop 1026, Great Falls, MT
Vice President for Program, Montana Council
Boy Scouts of America

I used to be a Fox, and a good ole Fox too! W5-315-11-1

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