Tents, Cycling and Swimming: Oh My!

Troop 26;

It is supposed to be very, very hot for the next several days. Please make a point to stay hydrated at all times, especially when you are enjoying our Montana Summer! If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated! In this heat, you should drink one full liter water bottle per hour when you are active and outside.

Our Quartermaster, Marco Larios, has just completed a survey of all of our troop tents. As we will be taking sixteen Scouts to Summer camp, we will need at least eight complete tents in good order. Unfortunately, there were only SIX tents in the trailer, and none of them were complete. We will be repairing poles at the next several meetings until we have all ten complete tents turned in to the Quartermaster.

If you have one of our missing tents (missing one red, one yellow, one orange, one blue), please bring it to our next meeting on Monday, June 29 at 7pm at Trinity Lutheran Church (1226 1st Avenue North). For those able, please also bring the following tools that will help us repair tents: hacksaw, vice, scissors, lighter, spray silicone and PATIENCE.

We cancelled our Troop cycling ride yesterday due to lack of participation. If you would like to complete a 10miler for the cycling merit badge on Thursday, July 2 please register with me by July 1. Our Troop rides are a lot of fun, and usually involve a stop for ice cream at the half way point. Remember, cycling merit badge is an eagle required badge and this is a good opportunity to begin working on it.

Speaking of Eagle required MBs, the City of Great Falls is offering Swimming and Lifesaving MBs at the Mitchell Pool this Summer. The program is led by none other than our own Kyle Gilles! Kyle is the head city lifeguard this Summer. The program, which costs $20, will give you a morning of merit badge/swimming instruction and then get you full access to the water park for the rest of the day. Are you interested in signing up for Friday, July 3? We need a minimum of 10 Scouts to sign up to make it a go. If you would like to register please let me know by Monday, June 29.

Finally, on Monday please make a point to congratulate Tyler Kiamas and Michael Frost for completing the National Youth Leadership Training course, and Ryan Detrick, Daniel Stone, Tyler Liamas and Michael Frost for completing their Ordeal to become members of the Order of the Arrow!

Have a great Scouting week!

Mr. Weissman

Aaron Weissman
Scoutmaster, Troop 1026, Great Falls, MT
Vice President for Program, Montana Council
Boy Scouts of America

I used to be a Fox, and a good ole Fox too! W5-315-11-1

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  1. Needle nose pliers will also be very helpful when stringing the shock-cord for our pole repairs.

    • Billy and I will not make it tonight. Billy wants to do the swimming on Friday. Also you can let everybody know that I have purchased 6 boxes of 22 ammo for the raffle scheduled for later on in the year.

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