To Klondike We Shall Go!

Hello Troop 26! On the previous meeting, we pack checked, completed the snowshoes, and finalized plans for Klondike.

We will be leaving for Klondike is this Friday! Hope your’e ready for some cold and some fun! Hopefully there will be more of the latter.

We are taking 13 Scouts to the Klondike Derby. We will leave in two groups. The first group will gather outside Trinity Lutheran NO LATER THAN 1:30pm on Friday. This group will be helping to setup camp before dark. The later group will meet at 5pm in the Natatorium parking lot on Friday.

Everyone going to Klondike should bring a filled water bottle. All water from the taps at Rotary must be boiled before drinking. You may drop your bag off with Mr. Weissman on Thursday evening at his house. All Scouts going to Klondike need to turn in a signed permission slip before departing. A blank permission slip, Klondike schedule and Klondike camping program are attached to this note.

After Klondike will be Scout Sunday on Feb 7, Scout Shabbat on Feb 31, Merit Badge College on Feb 20, And Troop (and Pack) Ski Day at Showdown on Feb 27.

Thank you to those who helped with Jordan’s eagle project! At the next meeting, January 25 at 7pm at Trinity Lutheran Church (1226 1st Avenue North) we will be giving out the awards earned at Klondike. Please also mark your calendars for Patrol Leader’s Council on February 1 at 6pm at Trinity Lutheran, followed by our Troop meeting at 7.

Your friendly neighborhood scribe,


Zach Taylor
Troop Scribe, Troop 1026, Great Falls, MT

Boy Scouts of America

2016-klondike and schedule.pdf


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