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October 28, 2013 – Weekly Update

Good afternoon boys! This will be my last post as webmaster to you all… but not to fear! Our new “Scribmaster” Mitchell Evans will provide you with your weekly updates!

At our meeting last night, Jordan, myself, and James R were elected the patrol leaders of their patrols. Jake will now be the Troop Guide and, as mentioned earlier, Mitchell will be taking over the jobs of Scribe and Webmaster. A big thanks to Jake, Max, Wyatt, and Bryce for leading their patrols and troop in their assigned ways!

This Saturday will be our caving trip to the Lick Creek Caverns. If you are attending and haven’t yet let Mr. Weissman know, do so ASAP! If going, meet at the Lazy Doe NLT at 830AM on Saturday morning. You MUST wear many layers of clothing. You should  bring/wear: Leather gloves, headlamp(must), flashlight, extra batteries(must), trail food, and lots and lots of water (MUST). You should bring a change of clothes, and a garbage bag to keep said clothes dry. If you have them, bring knee pads as they will be a huge benefit! You must also bring some sort of helmet if you plan on actually going inside the cave.

Have a great week scouts!

October 21, 2013 – Meeting

The meeting is at 7 o’clock tonight, not 6 as previously planned!

September 30, 2013 – Weekly Update

So, though this is several weeks from my last post, I am working on keeping these up to date!

As of last weekend, popcorn sales have been underway. This is a great way to work on your selling skills, putting money in your scout account to pay for camp outs, put scout bucks in your pocket, and win awesome prizes for selling a lot! There will be weekly updates and prizes for top sellers so you are encouraged to sell a lot and often. You can talk to Mrs. Kelleher for more information! We have already sold over 2000 dollars so let’s sell more!

I feel that today’s chess matches were a big hit and I look forward to seeing anyone be even a hint of a match for Ryan D.

Have a great week, sell lots of popcorn and have fun!

September 9, 2013 – Weekly Update

Hey boys! How are you this week? I’ll try my best to keep up with these weekly updates but I apologize for any missed weeks and/or misinformation.

To begin, in two weekends, we will be participating in the Fall Camporee. This year it will be at camp rotary in Monarch/Neihart. There will be a really fun mountain man competition during it where we do various things like throwing spirals and tomahawk throwing. Other things such as dodgeball and pellet gun shooting. We are expected to have a dutch oven dessert for this so bring ideas if you can. Don’t forget to bring a variety of clothes ranging from cold to hot weather. You will need to have a signed permission slip and funds paid for in ADVANCE before going.

This upcoming Sunday at 10 AM we are having a car wash at Hardee’s on 10th. This is a great opportunity to get money in your account and get more involved in the troop! TROLL patrol don’t forget to make at least 10 signs for this!

Popcorn sales will begin the weekend after the fall camporee so be prepared for that!

Get prepared for this camp and make sure to bring your 10 essentials and summon sense objects too! Have a great week and don’t forget to LIVE LIKE A SCOUT!

August 12, 2013 – Weekly Update

Hey boys! So sorry I missed last week! But this week we will definitely have a post!

Next week, on Monday, we will have our meeting at the scout office. It will be at 6:00 PM (or 1800 if you are Jeremy), and we will be having our Court of Honor there! Also, we will be eating pizza, watching jumanji, and having a fire there too! Wear your Class A’s and look sharp!

On August 23, the baseball fields will be having the Scout show at the field. The game starts at 7:00 PM, but as a troop we will be meeting there at 2:00 PM to build the two story structure for everyone to look at! If you would like to spend the night there, bring everything necessary and have a parent present for the WHOLE night!

The next day, on August 24, Mr. Weissman will be leading a few hikes in the little belt mountains. If going, contact Mr. Weissman and the plan is to meet in monarch at 10:30 AM.

On August 25, our First Annual Troop Retreat will be beginning at 8:00 AM. Eat your own breakfast and plan on it being at Medicine River Scout Center.

The following day, August 26, is the Troop kayaking/canoeing trip at Wadsworth pond. Bring sunscreen and if possible a life jacket! Contact your patrol leader if you are going because a firm headcount is needed! Meet there at 1:00 PM and we will be done by 7:30 PM.

If you are needing any information on anything in this post, or anything at the meeting; contact a leader!

Have a great week scouts and don’t forget, LIVE LIKE A SCOUT!


This Thursday at 6:00 PM is the weekly bike ride. We will go by cold stone creamery and get ice cream, so bring money if you want some. It will be an “easy” 10 miler. Bring a bike if you are coming!

July 29, 2013 – Weekly Update

Hello boys! This website is almost foreign to me now. But I will be catching up on these weekly updates to keep you all informed!

Tonight, we discussed the troop retreat on Sunday, August 25. This will be a “legit retreat” where we camp out and have a ton of fun! We will be talking/planning/discussing the coming year of events and fundraisers. More details on this will come!

For more details, questions, and comments on this ask a leader or comment on this post!

Have a great week and don’t forget to LIVE LIKE A SCOUT!

Summer Camp – 2014

Hello Boys. This post is about our different options for our upcoming summer camp in 2014. Of the many options, I will be previewing each one and giving my “Two Cents” on each one.

Our first choice is Camp Buffalo Bill located in Wyoming.

The rates are: $285/Scout and $150/Adult

This camp offers the “usual” summer camp experience, as well as high adventure. It is located roughly 10 miles east of Yellowstone National Park so we really wouldn’t have to drive that far. Located right off of a river, the camp offers a variety of Aquatic Merit Badges, as well as a fair share of Nature, Scout Skills, Shooting etc.

One merit badge that stood out to me is the Whitewater Merit Badge. In this you get to go over the safety measures required to Whitewater raft/canoe and you actually get to test your skills on the water! This sounds really fun to me!

Secondly, we have Camp Cherry Valley on Catalina Island, California.

The rates are: $625/person

This camp is truly extraordinary. It is on Catalina Island in California. Need I say anymore?? You ride a ferry to the camp for heavens sake! This camp offers the usual array of merit badges, but offers a wide variety of water sports (go figure). It has a beautiful sandy beach and perfectly clear ocean waters to swim on.

One thing that stood out to me is the other activities that it offers. You can go into an old silver mine and explore it, participate and conquer other teams in canoe races, and interact with the local marine life.


Thirdly, we have Camp Chawanakee located near Fresno, California.

The rates are: $365/Scout and $210/Adult

Along with the 64merit badges it “carries”, this camp has a C.O.P.E. course and high adventure! This sounds great to me! But wait, that’s not all. It has a 52′ HIGH CLIMBING TOWER! That would be outrageously fun to climb that! They offer the usual rifle and shotgun shooting as well as small boat sailing being that it is indeed located on a lake.

Next on the list is Camp Emerald Bay located on the WEST end of Catalina Island, California.

The rates are: $564/Scout and $474/Adult

This camp looks amazing! With ocean-front water and opportunities, we would be busy the whole week and never want to leave! It offers many of the usual Merit-badges along with some “foreign” activities to us Montanans like Snorkeling and Mountain Biking. This looks pretty darn awesome and I would definitely look at this one twice!

One thing that stuck out to me was their “Sunrise hike”. This is a 4 hour hike where you hike to the third largest peak on the island and watch the sunrise from literally every angle!

Additionally, we have Camp Honokia located on the big island in Hawaii. This is a HIGH ADVENTURE CAMP: MEANING NO MEALS ARE PROVIDED.

The rates are $125/Scout BUT we would need a plane ticket and food.

This camp looks pretty fun! It is definitely for the more adventure-seeking scouts, but looks like it’s 210 acres could contain our energy. This would provide an opportunity to camp in dense, rain forest like conditions. It sounds good to me! It offers a variety of merit badges as well!

Nearing the end, we have Camp Parsons in Washington State.

The rates are: $310/Scout and $185/adult with the first 2 adult getting in for free!

This camp looks almost like everything that I would want to see in a camp! It is located on the shore of the Dabob Bay (which leads to the Atlantic Ocean), allowing for many aquatic activities and badges to be earned, and has a huge climbing and repelling wall for loads of fun. It also has the regular assortment of shooting, scout craft, etc. badges.

One particular thing that interested me in this camp was the tower it has. It has a 30+ foot high bouldering wall that allows climbers of all skill to climb and rebel down. Not only that, but they have a huge wall made strictly for repelling as well. It also has High-Adventure treks for older boys. This looks fun to me, but you must be 13 or older to do this so younger scouts will have to sit out (but it’s in 2014 so that’s a whole year).

Second to last is Camp Pupukea on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

The rates are $450/person with the first 2 adult getting in for free!

I think this camp looks like a blast! It has a beach out it’s front door and a shooting range out the back! With the usual assortment of merit badges and activities, it also has training for CPR and life-guarding. And, with the beach, snorkeling and swimming are there as well!

I liked the part about their High-Adventure trek. You get to go canoeing, hiking, and climbing and have a great time! Your time is split into these and more activities like it!

Last but not least is Camp Tesomas in Rhinelander, Wisconsin

The rates are: $275/Scout and $132/Adult

For all of you who didn’t go in 2011, is the coolest and funnest camp I have ever been to. Located on an awesome lake, there are aquatic merit badges, along with shooting and zip-lining. It is a blast, no doubt, and has a lot of different activities so you will never get bored!

One thing I really loved was the water-front there. Along with the usual canoeing and sailing, there is a water trampoline and wind surfing! It’s the most fun in the water I’ve ever had!

As always, we will have our last two choices as well. This camp is the classic: Melita Island near Polson, Montana.

The rates are: $265/Scout and $130/adult

This camp is always a winner, and I have had a blast along with many of my fellow scouters over the years. Along with the “common” array of merit badges offered, there are shooting and aquatic badges as well!

One thing it boasts well is the lake it is on. It’s great to wake up to the beautiful sunrise across the lake and later that day go swimming in the cold water. It is especially fun to have races and participate in annual events such as the Polar Plunge and Mile-Swim!

Boy Scouts' Camp Melita Island abuzz with activity

Lastly, we have K-M Scout Ranch, near Lewistown, MT.

The rates are: $225/Scout and $75/Adult

This camp is really fun and very true to the Montanan wilderness that most would expect from a Montana camp. While being surrounded by trees and sitting on a small lake in the mountains, K-M offers most every merit badge aside from specialty aquatic ones (i.e. Small boat sailing, scuba etc.) AND this year they are starting a new ATV program! It also offers an exciting COPE course.

One thing I really like there is the lodge and food. It has great food, every night, and will keep you full daily! It tastes great and there is always a salad bar for those who like to stay “plain” ;).

March 18, 2013 – Weekly Update

Hey Boys! Sorry for the late post this week, so we might as well jump right into it!

This Saturday we are meeting at 9:00 A.M. for the Food pick-up. We will meet at Montana Lil’s Casino on 10th. Come prepared to walk and pick up tons of food that people have donated to the Great Falls Food Bank! 

Directly following this Brandon Locke is asking for help on his Hornaday Post Eagle project. This will be located at his house and have clothes that you can work around in!

Thirdly, a little late for this, but Today at 6:30 was Daniel Stones crossover at Trinity Lutheran Church (where our meetings are at). I hope that went off without a hitch! Congratulations Daniel!

Lastly we have our OA elections next week. If interested contact Mr. Weissman, but I am pretty sure we already have it if you are eligible. Be thinking of who you want the representative to be! 

*Mark your calendars for April 12-14 for those are the days for Trail to First Class and OA Tap-out!

Have an fantastic week scouts and parents! Don’t forget to LIVE LIKE A SCOUT! Look for more updates this week.


March 11, 2013 – Weekly Update

Hola fellow scouters! Good job on staying focused and on task at last night’s meeting. Let’s use those skills during our camp outs, and our every day living! Also, I personally had a blast at Showdown last Saturday and I think most everyone else that went would agree that it was fun. I look forward to next year, or possible the mannequin jump?? (talk to your patrol leader –> we voted that it would be up to the individual patrols whether or not we would participate in it this year) And great job to Max for his outstanding performances at the Big Air and Slope Style competitions over the weekend! We are all proud of you, but are expecting more next year – *cough* *backflip* *cough* *cough* *360* *cough* 

Furthermore, this Wednesday (as previously posted) we are helping out for the “take-down” of the Canstruction sculpture in the Mall. It will be from 4 to 6 P.M. in front of Herbergers, but any help is accepted/wanted. If you are planning on attending, let Tyler know. This would be a great time to get those volunteer hours for your rank advancements! Show up in your full Class-A uniform if attending. 

We have the joy in welcoming Jack D. into our Troop 26 family! Jack is a Star-Scout from Troop 1. At meetings/events, do your best in making him feel welcome, as he is now apart of our group!

Our annual city-wide Food Drive is starting up this weekend! If you want to attend, contact Mr. Weissman on where to meet up, but it will be at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday. We are doing the bag drop off this week so heavy lifting won’t be required! 

Lastly, I would like to remind all of you that we have our Spring Court of Honor next week; meaning that full uniforms are a must (if they aren’t at every meeting?) and that your parents being present would compliment your accomplishments over the last few months! I look forward to seeing all of you there!

Have an marvelous week scouts and parents! Don’t forget to LIVE LIKE A SCOUT! Look for more updates this week.