By Jake Smith, Troop Historian
September 17, 2012

Troop 26 was chartered on January 1st 1956 and founded by Charlie Bicsak. Charlie and his wife Helen had four boys. Charlie was a first aid instructor and ran his own ambulance service. They were known as “Mr. and Mrs. Boy Scout”. The Bicsak’s were members of the Trinity Lutheran Church. The charter organizational group for the Troop is Trinity Lutheran Church. Troop 26’s old nickname was the “funtuitists club”.

Mr. Bicsak’s son Art, was the first to earn the Eagle Scout rank. All four of their boys earned the rank of Eagle Scout in Troop 26. They began writing their name on a small piece of wood and moving it under the ranks as they worked their way to Eagle. They still do that today and it is displayed in the church. Troop 26 currently has 96 eagle scouts.

Troop 26 has the most district chairmen a unit has ever had; they are Dave Mickulecky, Tim Locke, and Aaron Weissman.

Carol Martin, the mother of Cory Denenger, An Eagle Scout from Troop 26 started making and giving corsages in the early 1980’s as a way of thanking the mothers for all that they did for their sons and as a way of giving special recognition to the efforts of the mother of the Eagle Scout, it was also a lasting remembrance of a very special day. Troop 26 still carries on that tradition today thanks to the Mikuleckys.

In 1962 the cub scouts and boy scouts traveled up to Canada and the Canadians came down here. Troop 26 goes to different summer camps, fall camp, Klondike, trail to 1st class, and also does different activities like bike rides, caving, and go on the HAM radio and talk to people in different areas. Troop 26 has won many awards at camps. The troop holds four Court of Honors a year.

The Troop meets every Monday night except right after camps or scouting events.

Written By,
Jacob Smith

  1. Scott Martin (Troop 26: 1986-1988)

    Cory Denegar should read Jerry Deneger

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